We work on prototyping concepts that will become different kind of products: they can be sensors, devices or instruments, which will be used to measure variables that are subtle or hard to distinguish. Our instruments aim to produce a difference in the field where they will work.

We have expertise in the following disciplines of the engineering sciences: optical, electronic, mechanical, cryogenic and software, along with a strong background in physics, business and innovation. We have a team that work in developing and building complete solutions, for customers coming from different markets.

We currently have three markets served: Astronomical Sciences, Mining Industry and Life Sciences. All of them have roots in Chile, a country that is leading innovation in Latin America.


Our Mission is to become a global R&D company that offers innovative instruments for a variety of fields from fundamental science to applications.

Our Vision is to expand the perception of the universe we live in, by developing instruments that apply scientific advances and technological innovations.


Andes Scientific Instruments is a unit of DICTUC, the company owned by the School of Engineering, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Our members are:

  • Dani Guzman, PhD: Associate Professor UC.
  • Constanza Villanueva, MSc: Director of Engineering.
  • Amokrane Berdja, PhD: Chief Scientist.
  • Ignacio Jeria, Eng: CAD/CAM/CNC design and fabrication.
  • Juan Venegas, MSc: Software Architect.
  • Wladimir Araya, Eng: Analog and Digital design.
  • Rocio Pereira, Jr. Eng: Instrument design.
  • Constanza Barriga, Jr. Eng: Optical design.